Media related

I love media and all the theory behind. However, what makes me feel really satisfied is to write, edit, publish, share my thoughts or knowledge and receive some feedback from readers. I wanted to say, I definitely prefer to be practical and creative. Unfortunately, creative writing is not my strongest side, as I rather specialized in technical writing and IT domain. He are my up to date achievements in this field, in chronological order:

  • Linux+ articles – at the very beginning I wrote two of them
  • Software 2.0 – content related editor’s job, printed magazine for software developers and engineers
  • Software 2.0 Extra! – extra issues of the magazine mentioned above
  • Linux+ Extra! – extra issues of the magazine mentioned before Software 2.0
  • AI.OF.PL – co-owner, co-founder, editor, main developer and administrator of on-line magazine devoted to Artificial Intelligence. In it’s time, I believe, it was the main and only site of this kind in Poland
  • IT-FAQ portal – on-line edition or rather supporting portal
  • IT-FAQ – printed magazine for IT professionals
  • Practical Solutions for MS Windows NT – later known "MS Windows and Networks", published by WEKA, then by Forum
  • Morza, Statki i Okręty – I had a honor to be the first proof-reader, as well as initial editor of my Father’s article, which was presenting 30 years of changes in Polish Merchant Marine Officer's career from the scope of the insider
  • – data center management and operations community portal for Polish professionals
  • Linux+ articles – again, two articles. One I was co-authoring. I also edited some news for them

And many, many more, including news gathering, marketing notes, reviews, interviews and the things I totally forgot. I swear, I’ll be updating this site to present all the things in one place. For now, it's all I remember :-)