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My name is Pawel Wawrzyniak. Together with my beloved wife and two sons I live near the coast of Gdańsk Bay, in Gdynia, in northern Poland. I'm happy to live in such a great place, where one can spend a lot of time on many activities during his free time without the need to relocate. I'm addicted from - widely understood - "water", hence living near the Baltic Sea is obvious decision for me. I like being active - you may find some additional info on my Hobbies page. Generally, I love to train martial arts for the whole year, I'm skiing in the Winter and looking for an opportunity to sail in the Summer.


Father and son

My Son, sleeping really safely with his Father


With my sons in the Engineering Museum, PKiN Warsaw

 My Sons and I in the History of Computers room, in the Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN), Warsaw. Behind us: AKAT-1, the world's first transistor differential analyzer, constructed by Jacek Karpiński at the Polish Academy of Science's Institute of Automatics in 1959. It was designed to solve systems of differential equations and modeling processes 


Except my private live, I work professionally in the IT sector. I have wide experience in software engineering, systems management, data centre and service delivery. Of course, in this domain, you always have to progress and develop new skills, so you have to be flexible and fast learner. That's why I've chosen this way for earning my money almost 15 years ago. The amount of data you have to process to generate reasonable result is so huge and this makes working in IT being a real challenge. Especially in the dynamically changing market with the full set of possible technologies to be applied. I believe, that being effective worker in IT industry means to be able to select the most reasonable solutions and proper tools for specific problems, according to the results of in-depth analysis.

I don't feel I'm typical technocratic computer geek. However, I have some geeky hobbies, like collecting old personal computers and their peripherals. You can find more information about my current collection in the Hobbies page. I also like to talk about these old school machines, so it's quite obvious, I plan to post some blog articles occasionally here on My Blog page. All in all I truly believe it's not about being a geek, but more because I started my adventures with the computers somewhere in the end of 80's. Not to mention, this was the really interesting period in the history of Poland.

I try to connect humanities with engineering, because I believe that IT is much about supporting people. We have unique opportunity to see, how our live, the feeling of distance and difference has changed over last two decades, thanks to the development of the Internet. This influenced our communication so deeply, that, after 10 years of skipping this subject to the end of the queue, I decided to have my own, personal homepage (somewhere in 2010).

Moreover, today engineering, IT and media convergence opens so may possibilities that, I'm convinced, we live in really interesting era. The only thing we have to manage to do is to learn, how to use our tools properly and which way we should follow to gain wise results for the whole global society. It's all about individuals that want to build the communities and support each other, of course, but not about egoism.

I'm very interested in humanities, mass communication and media. My Master Thesis (titled: "Theory of Communication. Stereotypes in interpersonal communication") was related to these subjects. Therefore, I have my own, personal understanding of IT and its role in the modern world. I also concentrate in each moment, where modern technologies show, their humanistic (human targeted) dimension. Once again - it's all about people!

I'm strongly influenced by Marshal McLuhan's and Jay David Bolter theories. Therefore, I like to consider myself being... The Turing's Man.


Turing's Man

I like Slackware, as much as I like Greece


I hope you'll enjoy my homepage. In case of any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact with me via one of the methods gathered in the Contact page.

Best regards,
Pawel Wawrzyniak, CITM/CDCP